Dreams, Caprices and Rakes

1. Centipede

Cutlass, Penknife, Small Gun, Key, Pen, Candle, Stick, Smoking, Chain, Cigarettes, Lights, Bar, Glass, Women, Snakes, Scissors, Tailor, Razor, Barber, Head, Old People, Old, Anyhow, Back-to-Front, Upside-Down, Wrong-Side.

2. Old Lady

Woman & Child, Nurses, Women Children, Dogs, Biggest Fire, Lights

3. Carriage

Car, Tire, Bicycle, Airplane, Truck, Van, Hearse, Danger, Doctors, Dead, Fire, Lights, Choir, Crowd, Dancers, Runners, Donkey, Peacock, Fowl, Egg, Breast, Indian Woman.

4. Dead Man

Coffin, Hearse, Fire, Crying, Fresh Dead, Businessman, Blind, Rat.

5. Parson Man

Priest, Pundit, Thief, Gambling Man, Naked, Banking, White People, Indian Man, Teacher, Bishop, Church, Room, Holes, Ground Worm, Snakes, Jumbie, Men, Key Small House, Telephone, Radio.

6. Belly

Bag, Suitcase, Pot, Pit, Hole, Clothes, Naked Warrior, Stick, Full Bag, Pumkin, Pregnant Woman, Rabbit, Upside-Down, Sick, Bed, Nurses, Old Woman, Old People, Old.

7. Hog

Dirty Water, Mud, Digging, Holes, Black Hole, Dirty Clothes, Old Man, Sick Man, Ugly Warrior, Old, Ugly, Sick, Full Bag.

8. Tiger

Gold, Indian Man, Lion, King, Warriors, Dogs, Hunting, Fighting, Chest, Temper, Quarrelling, Anyhow, Back-to-Front, Upside-Down, Biggest Blood, Medicine, House.

9. Cattle

Milk, Calf, Grass, Biggest Water, Buffalo, Bison, Meat, Warrior, Madman.

10. Monkey

Boy Child, Children, Teasing, Pelting Stones, Climbing, Swimming, Football, Cricket, Jockeys, Gentlemen, Dancing, Singing, Organ, Carnival, Playing Mas, Gestures, antics, Crazy, Biggest Drunkard, Sick, Thief.

11. Corbeau

Doctor, Gentleman, King, Policeman, Jackass, Black Pants, Black Jackpot, Black, Obeah Man, Half-Half, Anyhow, Back-to-Front, Upside-Down, Wrong-Side, Crowd, Birds, Feathers, Duck.

12. King

Tie Pin, White Man, Govenor, Inspector, Sergeant, Saga Boy, Biggest Snake, Hog, Coins, Silver Money, Men, Doctors, Ears, Face, Crying, Bathing, Clear Water, Sea.

13. Crapuad

Girl Child, Children, Playing/Hearing Music, Singing, Choir, Women, Gentlemen, Doctors, Medicine, Right Hand, Obeah Man, Fire, Fowl, Hiding, Sitting, Squatting, Muscles, Shell, Cockroach, Ugly, Faeces, Dirty Water, Well.

14. Money

Ears, Butterfly, Honey, Gold, Silver, Diamonds, Jewels, Glass, Bank with Money, Paper Money, Leaves, Upside-Down, Wrong-Side, Saddle, Mouth.

15. Sick Woman

Sick Women, Pregnant Woman, Glass, Silver, Bush, Leaves, Climbing Trees.

16. Jamette

Cosquel, Women, Troublemaker, Prostitute, Quarrelling, Cursing, Rowdiness, Confusion.

17. Pigeon

White, Fowl, Pretty Birds, Flowers, Love, Lions, Kissing, Lovemaking, Naked Person, Mad Person, Married Person, Children, Nurse, Dogs, Young Girl, Letter, Forgetting, Sailor, Sailor Band, Crowd.

18. Water Boat

Sailing, Bathing, Sea, Pond, Hold, River, Water Hose, Children, Chinee Fowl, Iguana, Crocodile, Teeth, Coffin, Box, Crying, Medicine, Glass, Half-Half.

19. Horse

Dancers, Runners, Running, Racing, Saddle, Danger, Head, Trimming Hair, Face, Ears, Dressing, Selling, Merchant, Crazy Mad, Sick, Forgetting.

20. Dog

Police, FBI, Lions, Commands, Arguing, Crazy/Mad, Theif, Bandit, Merchant, House, Jamettes, Boychild.

21. Mouth

Teeth, Hole, Talking, Arguing, Cursing, Water Hose, Salesman, Merchant, Danger, Runners, Dancers, Horse, Cats.

22. Rat

Thief, Rotten Teeth, Nose, Right Foot, Blind Mice, Hiding, Holes, business Premises, Business Man, Drunkard, Naked, Torn Clothes, Tight Shoes, Clothes, Shoes, Cleaning House, Teacup, Medicine, Sick, Half-Half.

23. House

Church, Big House, Hosay, Elephant, Bank, Hotel, Offices, Hospital, Old Woman, Sick, Drunk.

24. Queen

Eating Food, Vegetables, Fruits, Picking Fruits, Rotten Fruit, Old, Sickness, Crying, Old People, Quarrelling, Jamette, Women, Silver Money.

25. Morocoy

Shell, Van, Locked / Enclosed House, Child, Thief, Ugly, Hard Back, Saddle, Falling Down, Rocks, Drum Beating, Fire, Light, Priest, King, Print.

26. Fowl

Fete, Anniversary, Birthday, Singing, Playing Music, Ears, Choir, Parson, Crowd, Confusion, Arguing, Jamette, Creole Fowl, Hen Fowl, Duck, Turkey, Feather, Neck, Face, Head, Crazy/Mad, Old, Old People, Last.

27. Little Snake

Stick, Cane, Bamboo, Cutlass, Rifle, Rope, Wire, Line, Short Road, Left Foot, Bathing, Nakedness, Liming, Winning, Parson, Medicine, Lions.

28. Red Fish

Chinese, Red, Drinking Rum, Drunkeness, Cock Fowl, King, Parson, Jamette, Bathing, Swimming, Fishes, Catching, Blood, Cleaning, Eating, Receiving Gift.

29. Opium Man

Drunkard, Drinking Rum, Walking Crooked, Left Hand, Parson, Chinese Man, Men, Brown.

30. House Cat

Inside House, Drawers, Money, Gold, Ripe, Yellow, Gold Cat, Petty Thief, Stealing, Crying, Begging, Church, Crowd, Lights.

31. Parson Wife

Teacher, Nurse, Woman Praying, Forgetting, Big Jamette, Dancers, Women, Brown, White, Hospital, Beggars.

32. Shrimps

Fig, Iron, Bullet, Bottle, Snake, Male Genitals, Nakedness, Dirtiness, Bathing, Drinking Rum, Crowd.

33. Spider

Hairy Person, Lion, Hair, Beard, Bush, Grass, Nest, Bed, Grave, Cobweb, Cleaning House, Small House, Net, Crab, Shrimp, Paper Money, Party, Bicycle, Hood, Half-Half.

34. Blind Man

Eyes, Glasses, Owls, Bats, Blind Mice, Reading, Writing, Egg, Paper Money, Begging, Sleeping, Blind Institute, Cloud, Visitor, Stranger, Searching, Danger, Shooting, Bull, Deer, Goad, Runners, Crowd, Cemetery.

35. Big Snake

Vines, Long Road, River, Travelling, Old Dead, Man Come, Visitor, Party, Bussing Bamboo, Big Money, Gold Chain, King, Hole.

36. Donkey

Bridge, sea, River, Well, Hole with Water, Deep, Female Genitals, Naked, Rider, Jackass, Braying, Laughing, Posy, Night Pan, Cemetery.

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34 Responses to Marks

  1. hello my name is sherine jeffrey an d i wil like to have ah play whe book about everything about your game playwhe

    • pilw0 says:

      Hi Sherine,

      I’m sorry but we don’t have any play whe books. You can see the different charts on the blog. You can see the meanings of numbers. I haven’t seen any play whe books in ages. You can also see which numbers represent which letters etc. You could also visit the nlcb’s website and ask them if they sell books. There link is .

      kind regards,


    • kkk kool………….i like 19

  2. kimkelly says:

    How long can the lottery board hold a mark for??????/

  3. pilw0 says:

    It says on the back of the slip: You cash your ticket up to 180 days after the draw date.

  4. Kaydian Hernandez says:

    Hi What’s d mark for this evening

  5. monisha says:

    What’s the mark for later? I like 24,22,21&11

  6. catylise says:

    12 play today…way!!!!

  7. Lidia chuniesinghk says:

    Tomorrow they are under 15 in the morning. What are some possibilities to play

    • pilw0 says:

      I don’t really understand the under thing. On my marks page they have this list under 15:

      15. Sick Woman

      Sick Women, Pregnant Woman, Glass, Silver, Bush, Leaves, Climbing Trees.

      I don’t know if that helps.

      Also we have numbers and their lines. But it only goes from 1 – 9

      Have a Merry Christmas.

  8. Kathy says:

    Hi you had a chart many years ago on it was the line chart however you had it in a square eg. 13 31 22 4 these numbers were placed like a square and I would like to know where I can get one please.

    • pilw0 says:

      Hi Kathy, thanks for the message. I don’t remember putting up a chart like that. Our site has only been up a year or so now.

      I will try and search and see if I find one.

      Enjoy your week.


  9. Shurnel Smith says:

    What u like for today’s 1oclock mark I like 1 what # u like

  10. shaquillefbaby says:

    they coming under 19 what mark to play O.o

  11. shaquillefbaby says:

    what to play under 19?

  12. Riandra Ramroop says:

    i like 4 for the 6:30 draw…… ummmmm

    • pilw0 says:

      You could play the rest of the numbers in the 4 line: 13, 22, 31. They say that the numbers in a line are all related. You can check the numbers and line page under play whe chart.

  13. sharri says:

    Hi pilwo I need a mark for today at 1:15

  14. sharri says:

    30 played yesterday

  15. sharri says:

    Ok will do

  16. Dimples says:

    What is the breast milk?

  17. hi what mark you like this evening

  18. kisha says:

    In Grenada 22 played… Last night… What do you think would play today?

  19. What is the best mark to play. For this evening an tomorrow? Please. Reply soon I Neva won b4 and I’ve lost over 600 for this month already..

  20. punisher says:

    i like 2, 20, 23 and32 what you think?

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