A customers strategy to win Cashpot.

One of my cutomers told me of this strategy to win Cashpot.

Buy 10 quick picks in cashpot and if they lose keep on playing them until one wins.

The customer said they play back numbers often in cashpot.

What do you think of the strategy ?

Pros and cons ?

Immediately for me the first con is you have to pay out 50 dollars everyday until it wins. It could be an expensive win in the end.


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9 Responses to A customers strategy to win Cashpot.

  1. becklesboy says:

    It is a great idea and not unheard of i know persons played one set of numbers consecutively until it won but yes it is costly to maintain but they said when they get four numbers they use that as their bank to continue playing

  2. MUNCH says:

    Not a bad system , you only have to win one cash pot and you will cover your loses +++ .


  3. Starfinder says:

    the best system is 3 even or two 0dd or 2 odd 3 even

  4. Starfinder says:

    system 8 all the way you sure to win everyday

  5. Starfinder says:

    thats a 280 dollar investment.

  6. D John says:

    I’ve been playing six sets of numbers everyday for almost two years and only one played some weeks ago. I encouraged a friend to play and they won with purchasing one quick pick ocassionlly and got it in less than two months

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