Fast Cash

I got this player guide from NLCB for Fast Cash. I thought of scanning it but not sure if i am allowed to do that. So here is the basic information:

It’s a roulette game. It plays every 3 minutes and you can watch the results on a screen at the lotto centres in real time. ( I’m still waiting for ours. )

  • So like in roulette you can choose the following numbers: 0,00, 1 -36
  • Place your bets on the machine. Minimum bet 1 dollar. You can use the Fast Cash slips. The pay out is 30:1.
  • You can watch the draw on screen or check your results on lotto machine. On the screen there is a count down timer so you know when it is going to draw.

Has anyone tried the new game ?

I’d love to know what you think about it.


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4 Responses to Fast Cash

  1. Bernice Martin says:

    I think the pay out for the present games should be increased; like the one side of the pick 2; the 3 nos in lotto and cash pot instead of keep introducing new games.

  2. Starfinder says:

    I think they should call the game fast loss!
    waste of time !
    more money for NLCB.

    Brainwashing people in Trinidad… ” new game new game ” to spend money
    Best thing get a college degree work all over the world , come trinidad and live like a king all luxuries and let the number one word people do here “ENVY” ahahhaha

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