Evening Results

23 May 2016

Evening Results

Play Whe: 29
Pick 2: 24,17
Pick 4:  8187
Cashpot: 1,3,5,12,13, (×4)


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Interested in the bible,poems and Angels. I'm am also interested in photography, computers and web design.
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3 Responses to Evening Results

  1. stargazer says:

    omg they had to play back the same numbers steups!

  2. JoAnnAleneSpencer says:

    NLCB why are you all NOT playing 4_4 in the pick 2.it is 2 YEARS and counting .numbers are not to be held back . it is a crime to withhold numbers so long.

    • pilw0 says:

      You’ll have to write a comment on their website. This is my personal site. And its not just 4,4, there is also 32,32 , 20,20 and 25,25 .

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