New lucky numbers as of 28.5.2016

  • 32 ( 7.4.2016)
  • 12 (11.4.2016)
  • 9 (29.4.2016)
  • 31 (9.5.2016)
  • 18 (10.5.2016)
  • 19 (13.5.2016)

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Interested in the bible,poems and Angels. I'm am also interested in photography, computers and web design.
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4 Responses to New lucky numbers as of 28.5.2016

  1. MUNCH says:

    No winners of the LOTTO JACK POT yesterday evening , Massive rush to win on the next call Wednesday .

  2. stacy says:

    hey Munch missed ur pick4 numbers yesterday, you were MIA

  3. Darnell Em says:

    bruh can you give us tips on how and when to play these numbers?

  4. brent says:

    Hi…. I have noticed the regularly play numbers that in this listing on a Tuesday…. it’s not guaranteed but it is regular!

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