Midday Results

9 September 2016

Midday Results

  • Play Whe: 15
  • Pick 2: 29,3
  • Pick 4: 4469

About pilw0

Interested in the bible,poems and Angels. I'm am also interested in photography, computers and web design.
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4 Responses to Midday Results

  1. Deval says:

    Did the mega ball play in any of today’s draws?

  2. Ram Vilviza says:

    Hey folks I thought Mr. Multiplier 1, was gone for good but he is back lets see how many times Multiplier 1 plays while he is drawing the Cashpot this month

  3. Deval says:

    Ok cool thanks. Maybe for the rest of the promotion it can be posted along with the number drawn. Will greatly appreciate that thanks.

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