Mega Bonus Ball

Information on New Mega Ball Promotion

Now you have the chance to win a wager for more than the base wager and less than the Mega wager.

  • Every draw in the machine there will be 2 white balls, 1 Mega Ball and 1 Mega Bonus Ball.
  • When you play the Mega Ball it also gives you the chance to win the Mega Bonus Ball.
  • If Mega ball comes you get 26:1 + 70: 1 ( Mega). If the Mega Bonus Ball comes you get 26:1 + 36:1 ( Mega Bonus).
  • As usual the mega wager can’t be more than the base wager.

I’m not sure when its starting. I only found out about it yesterday. I know some of you have heard about it already.

Enjoy your evening.

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