Numbers and Lines

  • 1,          1,10,19,28
  • 2,          2,11,20,29
  • 3,          3,12,21,30
  • 4,          4,13,22,31
  • 5,          5,14,23,32
  • 6,          6,15,24,33
  • 7,          7,16,25,34
  • 8,          8,17,26,35
  • 9,          9,18,27,36
If you dream a number you can play all the numbers in that line.

5 Responses to Numbers and Lines

  1. Jammie says:

    How does the number line work?

    • pilw0 says:

      Hi Jammie, If you like a number in a line they suggest you play the rest of the numbers in that line too. Sometimes one of those other numbers in that line will come instead of the one you like.

  2. Marcus says:

    Hi do you know how to do a number run down to find the winning number for the day in cashpot

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