What games can you play from the National Lotteries Control Board ?

Play Whe

You choose one number out of 36 numbers. You can choose the amount you bet on that number.  For every dollar you play you could win $ 24.00.

Each number represents a body part on the Chinapoo Man. It’s also represented as other things as well. You can see them on the Play Whe Chart.


Lotto Plus Jackpot

To play this game you have to choose 5 numbers out of 1 – 35. Plus you have to choose a power ball out of 1 – 10. Lotto Plus winners are paid in a lump sum. Every week you start off with a pool of 2 million dollars. Every time no one wins the pool of money is rolled over.

For every 6 numbers you choose ( or panel – there are 5 on a slip ) it costs TT $ 5 . If you don’t know what numbers to choose you can ask for a quick pick.


Pick 2

You pick 2 numbers and if you want you can reverse it. It costs TT $ 4 per 2 numbers and TT $ 8 for the reverse.

Pick 4

You pick 4 numbers, one number out of 4 groups of 0 – 9. The bet types are  ordered and any order. The cost is $ 1 minimum. For choosing all numbers in the correct order you win TT $ 5,500 per $ 1 played.


Cash Pot

Choose 5 numbers out of 20.  If you match 3,4 or 5 numbers you win ! Play the multiplier and multiply your win by up to 4 times. The multiplier only applies with matching 3 and 4 numbers.

Each 5 numbers costs TT $ 4 and TT $ 1 extra if you want the multiplier.


6 Responses to Games

  1. fryyiee says:

    how d ass am i to get the lotto results this is shit it was so easier before

  2. roslyn robertson says:

    I like your play whe tips, could do with some pk 2 tips also.

  3. play whe tips is boss . what are the lucky numbers for this week?

  4. sata says:

    Tips on how to win play whe

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