Have you ever wandered what terms like Caprices and Rakes mean ?

This is my attempt at answering that question:

  • Your personal intuitive feelings, those little voices inside your head or your heart, is what players refer to as ‘Caprice’.
  • Rakes are usually events which you have witnessed. They are normally witnessed by many, for example community or national events. These events give you hunches or ideas that are common to all that witness it.

Other Terms ( If you know others contact me )

  • CASA – The person who holds the money for gamblers. It literally means ‘house’ or ‘banker’.
  • Gamble – a. To play a game for money or property. b. To bet on an uncertain outcome. merriam-webster.
  • Gaming – When used to mean gambling normally refers to legal gambling.
  • Shelf a Mark – When you play a Mark that hasn’t been drawn in a long time until it is drawn. ( For example you put the number 15 mark on a shelf because it hasn’t been played in a 180 days. And you play that mark until it wins. ) Some people play 100’s of dollars when they see a mark like this.
  • Under – What number played the week before on this day ?
  • Blocking is when you bet on all the numbers you think might come.

The Play Whe diary for 2014 has come out. And I see some terms I haven’t come across before. So I am putting them here for you too.

  • Abstract: Trends in past winning numbers. The 1/16, 1/8, Bank and Diamond charts are all traditional abstracts created in the old days.
  • Body Chart: Symbolic figure showing the marks that correspond to 36 body parts. A traditional Whe Whe method of play.
  • Chinapoo: An ancient numbers game brought to Trinidad and Tobago by the Chinese during the mid-1800s. Also the name of the Chinese Jumbie which is the symbolic figure of the game.
  • Chinese Oracle Games: Chinese games involving divination, e.g. the I-ching or Chinapoo.
  • Creole Jumbie: Drawing of a man whose anatomy is divided into 52 segments. This figure was used when playing the creolised numbers game called Whe Whe.
  • Dead Mark: The number that called in the last draw cannot be called again in the next draw since it is removed from play.
  • Hiding Marks: Marks that have not called in a long time.
  • I-Ching: Chine oracle which used to assist divination / intended courses of action. 36 of the I-Ching’s ideograms were used in Chinapoo.
  • Line: Numbers which have the same value. This value is arrived at by adding up the digits of the number. For example 12,21,30 all have the same value of 3 and belong to the Three Line.
  • Mark: Any number between 1 and 36 with its corresponding name and symbol.
  • Mark couple: Two marks that play together because the are a logical pair. Also called the ‘kiss numbers’.
  • Mark Family: Groups of marks that play together because they share the same meaning.
  • Mark Story: Groups of Marks that are part of a symbolic story which will unfold during play.
  • Pip: Coming close to the winning mark, but not ‘hitting’ it.
  • Pull Down: To play the same number that called in last week’s same draw.
  • Punter: A player
  • Runner: A person who collects marks and wagers and takes them to the banker.

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