Contact Information for NLCB ( National Lotteries Control Board )

  • Tel: 1 868 623 1831
  • Fax: 1 868 627 8038
  • Address: #119-121 Duke Street, Port of Spain
  • website:

18 Responses to NLCB

  1. kurls says:

    Why it dont have the results of all the games for all past years form 1996 to present

  2. pilw0 says:

    I have only had this site for a couple of years. You can check mlcb’s website: . Maybe they will have complete archive of results.

  3. sharon says:

    Wat is d lotto no for d 29 Aug 2015

  4. Cindy Mohammed says:

    Hi good day what you have to do to apply for lotto, playwhe machine. Thanks .

  5. Mel says:

    What are the lotto numbers that played Oct 28, 2015?

  6. Mrs. Ramlogan says:

    Hi just wanted to know how long does the nlcb take to respond after recieving an application for an online terminal?

  7. Cheryl Lewis says:

    Do they post roulette results online?

    • pilw0 says:

      No I haven’t seen it on the nlcb’s website. In some of the outlets they have tv screens with the results. By me they just ask me to print the results for them.

      i think it would be difficult to post those results because it would be every 3 minutes.

  8. Derek Bain says:

    Good Day

    Due to advertisement and convenience, I recently went into two lotto outlets ( see attached outlets) to play play whe and pay my bmobile post paid bills. To my shocking experience, after I played my marks as seen below, I was told that they don’t take bill payment. I was refused by both outlet cashiers. I asked both cashiers the reason for such, and the outlet in Princes Town didn’t bother to answer, subsequently the cashier went on her phone and was playing a game ignoring me in the process. The other outlet at manahambre road cedar hill frequently stated that if persons don’t lime and drink at their establishment, they dont take your bills.

    I am a holder of two postpaid phones, both on my name and my concern will be shared with Bmobile.

    Contact 732 – 1509

  9. Sheena Ali says:

    Played a mark in Santa rosa today went to cash the slip and they said it was cashed by another terminal please contact me asap

    • pilw0 says:

      Hi, you will have to take the ticket to nlcb. They will contact the lotto centre that cashed the ticket. It happened to one of the customers and they got their money. Sorry it happened to you.

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